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Welcome to our event featuring our selection of unique and high quality paintings created by the talented Hungarian artist Endre Bartos. The collection of his works, includes original paintings, affordable canvas reproductions, posters as well as other products that feature Bartos Art.From these choices we will help you create your own collection that will enhance the beauty of your home or place of business with brilliant colors and variety of themes.Our business concept is to provide our customer with convenient and affordable options that will allow you to design an inspiring, stylish and chic environment which will be in tune with the existing decor and furnishing style of your premises.

About the Artist  Endre Bartos (1930-2006)

The lifework of the very talented Hungarian painter Endre Bartos (1930-2006) include landscapes with forests and fields of flowers, scenes from urban life, still life and human relationships, expressed in vibrant color and perspective. Bartos’s amazing art may not capture you on the first fleeting glance. But his works will quickly engage your senses and earn your admiration after a longer appreciation of their colorful splendor. His paintings radiate life affirmation, joy, brightness and optimism, and sometimes even thoughtfulness and darkness. .The power and directness of Bartos’s portraits have been overlooked and have to be considered as immersive and penetrating glimpses that probe the depths of the model`s true personality. His works have to be appreciated, not only with respect to the relief-like surface structure with the chosen spatula technique, but also the way in which he often combines a landscape experience with forged block like unified structures.

Bartos Art Gallery is a family business that has supported the artist great throughout his creative life and has acquired this amazing collection of his works.

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